Marcos Maricate Sales & Service Agent for Mexico

Contiweb today announces that it has appointed Marcos Maricate as its sales and service agent for Mexico. The appointment expands Maricate’s pre-existing role as agent for Contiweb solutions in South America. Marcos Maricate and his company CINNX build on a 22-year partnership with Contiweb, acting as the local contact for the South American region both before and after Contiweb’s independence in 2018. He will be supported by Contiweb LLC in USA, with American engineers continuing to service customers in Mexico.

According to Maricate, the long-standing collaboration provides customers with consistency and high-quality service. He explains: “Our customers want to purchase solutions based on Contiweb’s excellent long-term experience and know-how. Our continued partnership ensures that we can provide businesses with innovative solutions and market-leading support to maximize the lifespan of each press and reduce costs.”

The announcement sees Maricate responsible for the sale of services and enhancements, including the Contiweb Fluid Applicator (CFA), in Mexico. Designed to overcome the high costs associated with ready-made silicone emulsions, the CFA reduces silicone consumption, allowing print providers to increase profit margins and sharpen their competitive edge. Maricate will also focus on enhancements such as the Gas Reduction Enhancement (GRE) and the Anti-Condensation Enhancement (ACE).

Maricate explains: “Contiweb offers solutions that improve print quality and productivity, and at the same time reduce costs. The CFA and GRE enhancements are perfect examples of these. Also, I see customers benefit from higher uptime if they take advantage of Contiweb’s service support programs. It gives customers peace of mind knowing that the equipment is in peak condition, while regular checks prevent extra costs for unplanned maintenance. I am extremely excited about the business potential achievable with all Contiweb solutions and look we forward to getting started!” he concludes.


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