Vprint Enhances Direct Mail Service with 4th Contiweb Dryer

First Contiweb Ecocool Dryer to be installed alongside three Ecoweb Dryers

Leading Belgian-based print provider Vprint has invested in an Ecocool dryer – its fourth Contiweb dryer to date – to improve the quality of its direct mail service. Joining three Contiweb Ecoweb dryers installed on web offset press lines, the Ecocool system is already proving to strengthen the company’s competitive edge.

Vprint customers operating in the retail, mail order and automotive markets have remarked on the improved finish of premium mailings. According to Thierry Ngoma, Plant Manager at Vprint, since investing in the dryers, the company is enjoying an increase in business. He explains: “As you can imagine, in a market as saturated as the print arena, quality is everything. When it comes to web offset, drying is a critical component to achieving first-class results. Thankfully, the Contiweb Ecocool is fully compatibility with all our press systems, making it the ideal solution to elevate our jobs to the next level. Beyond this, its seamless integration ensured that we experienced very little downtime; crucial for a company producing three million pieces of direct mail a day.”

Superior drying quality

Designed to use low temperatures and high air volumes, the Ecocool reduces the negative effects of heating the web and delivers superior drying quality. This results in a high gloss finish with less fibre lifting, ensuring that print providers can meet the strict quality requirements of even the most demanding print buyers.

Integrated chilling section

As the world’s first dryer to feature an integrated chilling section, the Ecocool is designed to eliminate the negative impact of solvent condensation on the web during or after the chilling process. With nine small rollers turning the web at sharper angles, greater surface pressure is created than that produced by traditional chilling modules. This improves heat transfer and minimizes the opportunity for a solvent boundary layer to form. From an output perspective, this allows the web to stretch and prevents wrinkles from forming, resulting in high-quality print.

“For us, the Ecocool dryer is a winning solution,” says Ngoma. “With the improvement in quality delivered by the Contiweb dryers, our position as a leading provider of corporate direct mail communications is secure.”

Greener solution

Jennifer N’Guyen, Area Sales Manager at Contiweb adds: “Vprint is a perfect example of how our auxiliary equipment provides the ideal solution for those seeking to improve their print line efficiencies or output. Also, in today’s environmentally conscious society, we are witnessing a growing shift in print providers seeking greener solutions. Engineered to optimize the web offset drying process, our dryers use 50 percent less gases than traditional systems when fitted with integrated pollution control.”


Integrated Pollution Control

The concept of pollution control through integrated afterburner technology offers significant advantages. The solvents from ink are incinerated in the integrated afterburner resulting in efficient regeneration of energy and lower gas consumption.

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Vprint Enhances Direct Mail Service with 4th Contiweb Dryer

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Vprint Enhances Direct Mail Service with 4th Contiweb Dryer

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Vprint Enhances Direct Mail Service with 4th Contiweb Dryer

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